Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Been sick . . . REAL sick! I'll spare you the gorey details of THE most wretched stomach virus I have ever had--bet you're glad now that I can't figure out how to upload my pics. It wasn't pretty! so there went my weekend - in bed - you know I like a good ole' nap however a 48 hour one while having to run to the pot every minute is not my idea of a nice relaxing weekend. Ok, I said I would spare you the details . . . sorry!

Thanks to my dear, sweet hubby who totally took over for me. Although at some times it sounded like a drill seargant was living in my home . . . oh well, he didn't want anyone else to catch it so he "ordered" them to stay away from "the enemy." Me that is. No kidding, you should have heard him go on about how I was the enemy. Sort of hurt my feelings but then again, I was getting peace and quiet! Sure stinks that you have to get dreadfully ill to get peace! Ok, too much American Idol for me . . I am using the word dreadful!

To my dear friend Terry who has moved away and forgotten about me . . I'd love to know that you are alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am delerious now! from too much sleep and not enough food. Maybe I have lost a few pounds. You know that line from "The Devil Wears Prada," . . . "I'm just one stomach virus away from my goal weight" . . . well, unfortunately for me, it would take more than one stomach virus, but maybe this was my jump start.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I can't get my pics to post! I am so *!_)**!!! computer challenged!

Throw me some'n mista!!!!!!!

We spent the day in New Roads yesterday. Belive it or not, it was Jimmy's idea--and he supposedly hates Mardi Gras. We went to Bill's girlfriend's home for yummy food and fun and saw two parades. The first was a dud, but the second was GREAT!!! The boys came away with so much junk--even Jimmy got into it as you can see from the pics. It is amazing how crazy you can get for a few plastic beads! The best catch of the day--a box of Zatarrain's seasoning. Now I just have to get some crawfish!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Damn Chocolate . . . .

As I typed I am munching on a bag of World's Finest Chocolate's Ravin' Raisins--OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! these are so damn good! The boys' school is selling the WFC and I believe it might have been me who suggested it to the PTC--afterall who wouldn't buy a $1.00 chocolate from a cute kid (atleast mine are!). Anyway, so we are selling it and I think I have eaten a third of it, especially since trying the chocolate-covered raisins. The gummy bears were pretty good too. Ok, gotta stop eating all this junk . . . . . .

Yeah!!!!!!!!!! for me!

I am so excited to report that my first mammogram was clear! You know I never really thought much about having breast cancer until I actually had a mammogram--my first one ever--about two weeks ago. and since then I have been really worried--you know, all the "what-ifs" and remembering all that Mama went through ten years ago. So happy to get a letter in the mail today saying that it showed nothing!