Monday, May 21, 2007

Noah the hay man

Noah worked with Jimmy baling hay all day Saturday and Sunday after church. . . . don't feel sorry for him, he has racked up quite a paycheck. Maybe I could learn to do it!

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Pics of boys' new room and bathroom



The first three pics of the boy's new room. The last pic is of their bathroom. Thanks to my sister for her leftover shower curtain. It goes perfect!


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Noah receiving his 6th grade diploma and mother's day with my boys


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happenings here . . .

Asa's team won last night, playing awesome! made three double plays in the game. Asa caught two fly balls and made the last out of the game. His team plays next Saturday night for the coach pitch championship. Should be exciting!

Andrew played two games last week and has two this week. They won last Mon night but lost Thurs night--it was brutal! He had special attention at practice last Friday night, finally teaching him some catcher plays! so glad b/c he has played catcher all season and they have never worked much with him besides behind the plate.

Luke played again yesterday morning, sliding in at home both times. too cute! he loves it and feels like such a big boy!

Noah has been helping his daddy in the hayfield. I am looking at a bill for labor on his desk that Noah wrote to his daddy. Jimmy is paying him 15 cents a bale and that will add up! He is really good at driving a tractor at his age and I think he is proud of himself for being such a big help to his daddy. I am also proud of JImmy b/c he needs the help but if something else comes up for Noah to do he will "let" him, saying that he is a kid and doesn't want him to be stuck working all the time. Way to go, Jimmy! That's why I love you!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

GREAT things happening here!

Just a quick post to brag a bit. Last Wednesday was Awards' Day at school and 6th grade graduation. Let's just say that our boys swept the awards ceremony. I could not believe all of the awards that they received. Jimmy and I are so proud! Asa gt 2nd place in the district art contest, 1st place reading award in his class (which is based upon total books read and point earned on comprehension tests) and straight A's for the entire year; Andrew received straight A's and the highest lower elementary reading award with 150 points (only required 35 points); Noah graduated from 6th grade receiving the highest upper elementary reading award with over 300 points (the 6th grade requirement is 50), an academic excellence award based upon his math and science scores on the standardized test, a bank at school teller award, a physcial fitness award (for attempting!), A-B honor roll and something else that I can't remember. It seemed that every other award was for an Abadie. Several parents have commented how impressed they are and I must say so am I. It feels good to know that you are doing something right as a parent. Go boys! Mama and Daddy love you and are sooooo proud of you!

Then onto baseball. . . . Asa had a GREAT game last night, hitting his first ever home run--a true, "hit the ball to the fence" homerun. He also made five outs at first and caught a fly ball and a line drive straight to him! He is on fire!!!!!!!!

Andrew had a game on Thursday night and played awesome as catcher! He really is a natural at that position. So cool to watch him continually throw to second to stop the runner from stealing! Go Andrew!

Lukee had another tball game today and he played so well! And he is so proud of himself. I guess from basically growing up at the ball field--he was two weeks old when Noah first started playing and he has been going to watch his brothers ever since--that he is so glad that he is finally getting to play. He gets up on game days and dresses himself and gets his bat bag ready and puts his game face on and is ready to play ball!

My heart is so full! I am the luckiest mom around!

Happy Mother's day!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My new master bedroom


First of all I stand corrected regarding my previous post. It is ticks not fleas in the song. Even still, crazy song!

It has been a long time coming--15 years to be exact--but I finally have made a nice master bedroom. We are in the process of totally rearraging our house and this is our new master bedroom. Oohh Lala! Love it! still getting used to it and my house is a total mess but in a few weeks it will all be worth it.

Sorry the pic is so dark.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Song lyrics that crack me up

It seems that songwriters have run out of things to write about. It used to be about broken hearts, getting drunk, honky tonks, how much mama loves you or you love her, etc. BTW I am talking about country music here. But now we've moved on to "Thank God for turnip greens" which has been out for a few months now, the song by Billy Currington. But today, I have heard it all. "I'd like to check you for fleas" was the line in Brad Paisley's new song. Now really, can't he find something else to write about? That just doesn't sound too romantic to me. Walking in the field under the stars might but then checking for fleas--heck, I don't want to even check my husband and kids! Ok, I will admit it is quite a humorous approach at romance in a country song. If you hear it come on the radio, turn it up way loud, roll your windowns down and sing it to the top of your lungs. Now that will scare the heck out of the person sitting next to you at a red light. But wouldn't it make you laugh? Here's to good ole' country music!