Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm still here

Sorry it's been awhile since I last posted. But you know, the holidays are crazy, busy and so I have neglected my blog. oh no! I have no pics to post right now but suffice it to say, we had a GREAT Christmas! We went to church Christmas Eve where five minutes into the service, Luke fell asleep so I held him for the hour-long service. My arm was more than asleep after it was over. Then we came home to gumbo and Jack and Sharon came over. It was so nice to visit and be festive and watch all the children's excitement!

Santa came and brought each child one wrapped present (the other gifts weren't wrapped). Luke's was cowboy boots, pants and a shirt; Asa's was a kid video camera; Andrew's was a yankees jersey and cap; and Noah's was a cell phone! oh, the excitement. everyone loved their gift however Noah was the most surprised b/c mama and daddy have been insisting for a long time that he would not get one til he drove. Let's just say they caved. And the fact that it was totally free and as long as he sticks to calling and texting only Cingular/AT&T people, it will be free. So don't expect a call unless you are with that carrier! however, last night he dropped it in the toilet and now it won't work. Suffice it say, you shouldn't be using your cell phone on the toilet. And guess who had to dig it out of the toilet. And he wasn't using number 1. ok, too much info. gotta love being a mom!

We went to my parent's home on Christmas day. so nice. So cool how the older we get the better we get along and the more affectionate we become. There was not much affection growing up however now Mama and Daddy give lots of hugs and "i love yous." Guess they picked it up from our generation b/c we seem to say it all the time and give hugs to everyone! I am so appreciative of my parents, more and more everyday; and so grateful that they are still here. so many of my friends have or are losing their parents. Don't want to think of that.

We spent a few days in New Iberia which always nice and crazy. Enjoyed our time in the heated pool at the hotel. the kids love seeing their cousins and playing. there were 4 ipod nanos and two new cell phones and lots of laughter coming from upstairs!

We came home and welcomed Darren and Jill and Cole to our house. All the boys went riding horses in the National Forest. I have spent the last few days undecorating and putting new things in their place; cleaning out closets, toys, doing laundry, etc.

Today is my 37th bday and it doesn't feel any different. We tried to find a sitter so we could go out but none were to be found. so it will be a quiet new year's eve and that's ok. trying to find a family friendly movie. is there such anymore?

i just have to comment on the jamie lynn spears issue. It really stinks to have to explain to my five-year-old how she got pregnant. Of course, I didn't really, however he keeps asking me over and over again about it. And it doesn't help that the father's first cousin is in Noah's class and so he gets "first=hand" information. And the commercials are playing about her leaving and going to boarding school in London (on her show of course). Geez! give a mom a break! Not ready for all this! want to keep my kids "innocent" forever or atleast a little while longer.

so that about sums it up.

as soon as I learn my new printer and print program, I"ll be posting pics.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

this and that

 Jimmy cooked jambalaya Saturday and the boys were outside reading around the pot. Just love how Noah was reading to Luke. so sweet!

 on the same day, Luke wanted to run around the yard, however couldn't find his tennis shoes but found these crocs with no back. So he taped them onto his feet. Isn't he smart?

 Noah killed a doe last night. First one this year. Mr. Oliver, friend and employee, took him. Oliver had killed one earlier in the day and Noah helped him skin and clean it. So he had a day, doing the same with another. Guess you have to be of the male species to "get it." Anyway, he was proud, so I am proud for him.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Safe and Sound

Missy is home now after spending the night in Atlanta and making a stopover in Houston. Glad she is safe.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

our festive Christmas weekend

Asa and Luke at the parade (Noah and Andrew were there but no Jimmy)

Isn't it cute how they made this pony so festive?

Traci and I goofing off. Yesterday was her 40th Bday!

PS saying a prayer of safety right now for Missy. she is on an airplane in North Carolina (or is it South) and the engine died on the runway and they went back to have it checked and now are taking off. Makes me a bit uneasy so I am asking God for his hand of protection on that aircraft.
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Friday, December 07, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


do you know how hard it is to come up with five "u" words that don't start with "un?"

1)ugly--I use this word a lot, not talking about someone's looks but how they act.

2)uvula--isn't it that thing that hangs down in the back of one's throat? to stop one from choking? if so, then I am sure am thankful for this "u" word b/c I personally don't like to choke.

3)unique--love to be different, not too much but I don't know things just b/c it is the thing to do. don't mind being a bit unique in that sense.

4)usual--as in "the usual." I enjoy "the usual" of our life. the mundane day to day things that our life is made of.

5)useless--don't like someone who has this trait, as in a loser. (sorry can't think of any other "u" words--you try)


1)Texas--love that state!

2)Traci--my wonderful, loud, unique sis. gotta love her!

3)Tiny--something I know nothing about.

4)Truth--something I really want. admire it when someone can be totatly truthful even when it's hard.

5)Ticklish--I am VERY and HATE to be held down and tickled. Will come up fighting mad!


1)Sane--a state of being that I never truly really questioned until I had children--four to be exact! haha!

2)Scrapbooking--a true love of mine. I started out doing it for my boys however I will admit that I enjoy it so much that I now it for me . . . to stay sane!

3)Swing--I absolutely LOVE to swing . . . preferably in a old wooden swing in a big tree on a breezy summer day.

4)Season--love the Christmas Season!

5)Sick--HATE being sick. right now I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!

christmas around my house

our mantle

love this stained-glass wisemen deco--Jimmy's aunt Hazel gave this to me thie year before she died. it is beautiful when the votive candle is glowing behind it.

my nativity set. my sis, missy gave this to me for my 21st birthday, the first year I was married. there are many broken pieces that I have glued back together with love. it is tiny but means so much to me.
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


1)Red - my fav color. have lots in my house. makes me happy!

2) Relax - something I have never learned to do. always feel like there is something that needs to be done that keeps me from totally relaxing. unless I am at the beach, that is.

3) Rest - something one can never get too much of. good for the body and the soul.

4) Rich - used to think of this word only in monetary terms however I now know better. Rich is a state of mind when you really think about it. Although the monetary kind would be kinda cool too.

5) Remedy - anyone know a remedy for bronchitis and all the after-crud? I have had it for four weeks and still not up to par.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas shopping at its finest

I left at 5:30 am yesterday morning at crawled into bed at exactly 2am this morning. Went shopping with supper club girls. Too much fun to even begin to describe! too bad we didn't have a camera to document all the packages, rearranging, shifting, etc. that it took to fit us all into Leslie's suburban. Last year it was six of us and it was crazy with everyone holding multiple bags on their laps and this year was even more pandemonium b/c 8 of us went. Holy Cow! It was wild. Next year, we are either bringing a trailer or going in Leslie's motor home and making it a two day event. Thanks girls! I had a blast!