Thursday, February 21, 2008

this and that

sorry it's been so long. here's what's going on in my world

- busy with baseball season preparations, meetings, PTC, getting ready for
high school book fair next week, Field Day, etc.

- proud of jimmy-he's lost 40 pounds and still going!

- ready for spring

- loving my new living room. so cozy! don't want to leave when i sit in there. got chair and ottoman, third rug is the right one--love it! will post pics later

- had HOT date last Friday night with hubby. steak was straight from heaven. yummy!

- waiting on two mares to foal--one for Asa and one for Luke--anyday now

- one of andrew's rabbits had babies, not sure how many; another had babies that died-boohoo!

- gotta get Josie fixed!

- had nice family dinner at my parents' house last Sunday.

- pics are of andrew and noah's calves when we first got them. they are now on feed and growing. boys are doing a great job of taking care of them, feeding morning and night. so proud of them!

- gotta get to work!