Sunday, April 27, 2008

pics from last weekend and update on Kono

first of all, after a few days at our house, Kono has gone to live with another family. He did not like Josie too much and our house is really too small for two inside dogs. So we gave her to a little girl that we know that really wanted an inside dog. I sure hope they fall in love and it works out.

Secondly, here are the pics from last weekend.

Inside the beautiful Opryland Hotel -- amazing!

Me and Heidi Swapp!

Me and Joelle!

Me and Jenni Bowlin!

Me and Monique McLean!

The weekend was amazing--not just on the scrapbooking level but also very inspiring--to be the best woman, mother, wife, friend that I can be. Life is short! Live everyday. also, to you scrapbooker out there who say you can't find the time to scrapbook (remember that thing you love to do), well, I learned from those women that we are already over-committed, so add that to your list. and just do it! find the time and scrapbook. Tell the story only you can tell because when you are gone, that will be all that is left of you, your story that you have documented. so what do you think? it surely inspired me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

another addition to our family

omg! this is getting crazier by the minute. i feel like i live in animal kingdom! my sweet daddy offered jimmy a "puppy" for the boys. his friend raises Brussels Griffons (i had never heard of the breed) and wanted to get rid of some of them b/c they had too many. so Jimmy picked up the "puppy" yesterday who happend to be two years old!!!!!!!!! and is the ugliest thing i have ever seen. look at the pic and see for yourself. it has to be an inside dog b/c they can't take the heat and it eats special food and treats! oh my, they gave the dog to the wrong family b/c our dogs eat wmart food and no treats and pretty much have to sweat out the summer! this is crazy!!!! and now we HAVE to get Josie fixed and SOON! We looked on the internet and saw the female puppies sell for $1200 and male puppies for $600. geez!!!! maybe we should think about using him for a stud. however where the hell would i find another Brussels Griffon? what in the world! this is my life! geez!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What a weekend!

The ScrapEtc. 2008 Event was an amazing experience for me. and for many reasons. Amazing, Fabulous, Incredible, Relaxing, Super Fun, Hilarious at times, Crazy at times, Overwhelming, Creative, Learning Experience, Informative, Wonderful . . . and all other positive words that I can't think of right now because i am too tired to think. I will post pics and more about the weekend later.

Birth Day at our house

Three of Andrew's rabbits had babies in the night. One had 6, one had 7 and the other had 3, however I am not sure if she is finished or not.

Also, Asa's baby horse was born last week on tax day. The mama won't let me get close enough to take a picture however when I do, I'll share with you. He named her Cisco, after the horse on Dances With Wolves, however I wanted him to name her something cute like Daisy. nope, he had the named picked out and was using it whether it was a boy or girl.

Monday, April 14, 2008

castration at its finest!

warning!!!! this post may be more than you want to see. ok, you have been warned.

yesterday was castration day at our house. the four bull calves that andrew and noah are raising were made into steers, wild west style. my daddy used to do this however he used a squeeze shoot to hold the calves still. we just used a rope, a horse and three strong little boys. it was a sight to see. Jimmy roped them and Noah and his horse pulled them down; andrew sat on their heads, asa held their back legs. I tried to help however didn't do a very good job and have a pool of blood under my thumb nail to prove it. enjoy the pics!

the funniest part was Jimmy telling the boys. . . "if you ever come home with an earring, this is what I'll do to you to make you a girl so you can wear it." i told my daddy and he said that JImmy should be ashamed of himself for scaring the boys like that. I assure you he is NOT!

now i am akin to

Castration at its finest!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Play Ball!

Last night was the first game of the season for Andrew and Asa. It was a GREAT game for all! Everyone of our boys hit the ball atleast once! Asa stole a few bases which is new to him and Andrew got an out at home--awesome play! This is just the first of many games this season. Can't wait.

Luke's first Tball game is tomorrow. He is so looking forward to it and so am I--but for different reasons. This is our last season of TBall. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the interesting grave

along the trail is Taylor Cemetary. There are two lone graves, one of a child and the other of Asa Taylor who lived in the early 1800's. There aren't many Asas around so we found this interesting.

The Family that Rides Together, Has Sore Butts Together

or atleast the mama does! after months of JImmy saying that he was going to buy a horse for me so that I could join them riding in the forest, he did it and so i now have no excuse. man, I sure enjoyed those quiet afternoons when they would go riding and leave me home alone. anyway, her name is Tippy and she is a good horse--just my speed. she is a buckskin with a few specks on her butt b/c her mama was an appaloosa. other than needing a pedicure, she's pretty cool. told jimmy i want a nicer bridle and she needs some footwork. luke and i rode double and did fine. in fact, we are planning to ride again this weekend, at our house, not in the forest. the Homochitto National Forest is only about 20 mins from our house and has many horse trails. It was a beautiful ride and the weather was perfect.

ps if you won't to see just how much weight you have gained and how big your ass is, saddle up and let someone take your pic!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

the boy can read!!!!!

I just finished listening to Luke read a book for his homework assignment. He has been reading for quite a few weeks however it just hit me today . . . the boy can read!!!!! really read. he hates it though! nothing like the other three. they love to read and sometimes even get told to put the book away to do what they were told to do. anyway, how is it that my baby is old enough to read? it just doesn't make sense. He was just a tiny baby yesterday. Time is going by waaaay too fast! How can we stop it? guess we can't so i am going to make a greater effort to enjoy the everyday. how about you?