Tuesday, July 08, 2008

our beauty




just sharing a little bit of the beauty on our farm. i think i take it for granted most days and i don't want to. the city girl in me just wants to stay in the a/c but the country girl enjoys it when she makes herself get out and go. (you can see noah in the right side of the pics). he's quite the horseman!
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four-wheeling it!

Asa driving and Luke and I hanging on for dear life! so much fun!

WWE & my boys


we saw this 18-wheeler outside a motel on our way to New Iberia this weekend and Andrew and Asa were in awe! I don't quite get the novelty of wrestling however I guess it is just a "boy thing." the dirver told us that they were headed to New Orleans and lucky for us, we watched it last night on tv. JImmy and I both have mixed feelings about letting the boys watch such however hearing the boys shout at the wrestler to use the "f u" move sort of confirmed our "fears." the "f u" is a move and i don't think they know what that means (at their age) however I know what it means and so that is that--no more WWE in our house! atleast not now.

it was still fun for them to get to take a pic by the trailer. cheap thrills!
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My new ride!


after much thought regarding the terrible gas prices . . this is my new ride! don't you love it? it gets 65 mpg and is just what I need. Just kidding. this is jimmy's new farm truck and i suppose i wil use it to go run errands, etc. we affectionately call it "the rice rocket."
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