Monday, September 29, 2008

Catch up

Long time no post and no pics to post but we suffice it to say that our life is full and we have been busy. Jimmy and Noah and Andrew have been busy in the hay field. Too busy but that's a good thing--baling hay means food in our mouths! which is always good to me, haha!

Asa spent Thursday and Friday in the hospital, suspected appendicitis but it turned out ok. He was a trouper however seems a bit traumatized now that it is over and he thinks about it. All is well now and he went back to school today.

I should be working right now so I better close and come back to this later.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Goat roping at its finest

Noah and his friend Jake held a goat roping that was the finest entertainment last Saturday night. Just a few boys have fun, doing what boys do, well atleast, country boys that is!

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happy birthday jimmy

we celebrated jimmy's 43rd bday yesterday with his favorite supper and cake.

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Bye Bye Gustav and take a hike Ike!

we survived and are getting back to normal. so happy to see that Ike is not headed our way. I don't wish it upon anyone else just wish it would totally disappear!

As I was driving south this morning, there was devastation all around. trees on houses, limbs everywhere, mounds of limbs and trash at curbs waiting to be picked up. still no power for so many.

So thankful to be safe and sound!