Monday, January 31, 2011

Guess where I am.....

And what I am doing.... I am sitting in the farm truck....sewing a pillow! Doesn't that go together???? Lol! The cowboy needed to practice roping and it HAD to be today because the rain is coming and it will be too wet the rest of the week and he has a roping SAturday night and.... Can you tell he pled his case? Anyway, I agreed to ride with him since he only has his permit and here I sit in the truck finishing some pillows I started this weekend. Yep, I am a multi-tasker. I'm sure there is a 12 step program somewhere and if so, please sign me up.

Ok off I go to watch my baby "cowboy up!"

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little creativity on this Saturday afternoon

This is a combination of two different projects I've seen on the Internet. I love the soft look of the batting under the fabric; of course you know my love for painters drop cloth. Love the rawness of it, the little specs in it. Love this saying that comes from "you are my sunshine." added some twine and tiny clothespins and Voila!!!!

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The finished product

Hanging with a few pics of j and I when we were dating. Love it. Just wish the word "happy" showed up better. But I used yellow paint because it's a happy/bright color.

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And I even decked out the dog!!!

Luke is really into spygear and spyware and being a private eye. We never know when we are being recorded or videoed or when we might be asked where we were 12 hours ago or need to provide our fingerprints on demand. One day last week my jewelry was "stolen" however I endedup being interrogated and it was determined thAt I stole my own jewelry for the insurance money. Um there's just one problem.....I have no insurance on my costume jewelry. However, Luke from the JBI (junior bureau of investigation) wAs not convinced. Anyway, he wanted a JBI vest for Ann and here it is. Afterall, all detectives need a dog.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Word

Sooo my word for 2011 is EMBRACE . . . my word for 2010 was LIVE as in LIVE outloud and I felt that I did that. LIVE everyday to the fullest; LIVE as if there is no tomorrow; do things differently even if others wouldn't; be ME; don't take things too seriously, etc. Well so here we are in 2011 and my word is EMBRACE . . as in EMBRACE it all . . . the good, the bad and the ugly and boy howdy am I having a time embracing it right now. Three sick kids plus I was sick last week. I can't seem to get anything done, germs everywhere, etc. Soooo I am taking a deep breath and just trying to EMBRACE it all... and right now that means not necessarily liking it but just being grateful that I can be available for my sick boys.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wall in Asa and luke's room

Again....A work in progress...only missing one piece on the right side.

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Asa and luke's window BEFORE

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Asa and luke's window AFTER

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The mirror after

This wall is a work in progress here is the mirror after I painted and stained, etc. If the weather would ever clear, I could spray paint another project and so on.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mirror love

So I saw this mirror and the sconces/vases on each side. I LOVE the portrait placing of the mirror. Sooooooo I have a mirror above my couch; just a faux gold but nicely detailed frame. I had it hanging landscape with vinyl letters on it that read "all because two people fell in LOVE." Was getting kinda tired of the words on the mirror. Well, not the meaning of the words, but the lettering itself. lol.

So today I painted the frame a mustard color, rubbed a bit of dark stain on it then a coat of polyurethane for some shininess. Gotta love shiny! I am loving the way it looks. Just need to decide what to hang on each side, maybe something on top too. I am also loving the look of clutter walls, lots of character, nothing matchy.

Soo hang tight for a pic of the work of art.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wow its been a while. . . .again

The days and weeks just fly by and I sometimes forget about my blog. Although it is here that I sometimes journal and can look back and what is going on in our life. Its 2011 and I hope to stay more current for all you fans out there. lol