Sunday, March 20, 2011

MUUUUCH better!!!

I Sooo did not like the "colorful frames" wall. It was too "romper-roomish.". I love the frames and texture but not all different colors. Soooo I moved the big mirror back to that wall and moved all the pics across the room to the right of the fireplace, above the side of the sofa. I like it better and think I can add pics to it.

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Farm boys

This is typical of farm life. On the way home from school last Thursday, a heifer/steer (not sure which one) was out and on the side of the road. So I let the boys out. Yea, on the highway and they guided him back where he belongs.

They love the adventure! And it gives me plenty of pictures to scrapbook and stories to tell.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

More shoes

Spring shoes are out and about . . . Love these green ones from payless. Love the $19.99 price too. They also come in a light purple, but I want RED!!!! why oh why do they not come in RED????

But I did find these in red . . . . . but I still like the payless ones better, just need them in RED!

or these . . . however, I can't remember which ones, but either these or the ones above cost $165!!! for that??????? I don't think so!!!


Tuesday, March 01, 2011


So its no secret to most of my friends, that I have a serious obsession with shoes. Seriously!!! I LOVE SHOES!! Nothing like a great pair of shoes to complete an outfit, make a woman feel super put together. So while perusing the internet today, I found these and oh my, it was love at first sight.

I MUST have these. Won't they look cool with a pair of jeans? Um, yes!!!!!

Then I found these . . . .

and these . . . .now who the hell wears these??????? I don't know!

But we all know who wears these!!!! Seriously, who designs shoes like this? lo!

I assure you these last ones will NOT be finding a place in my closet . . . unless I can convice dear hubby to fill them up for me. NOT!