Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday night tidbits

Here I sit at the computer and I love that sound -- do you hear it? the sound of NOTHING! well actually the sound of the dishwasher running and Jimmy snoring but the quiet of the house is absolutely blissful! I love this time of night, when I can just chill and be alone. Of course, Jimmy would like for me to not be alone, you know what I am talking about here but he is asleep so I get to do my own thing--woohoo! ok, I am rambling, I know.

For those of you who post comments on my blog, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! however if you do not have a blogspot account, your comment appears as anonymous and so I have no idea who posted. so please from now on, in your comment, start it off with ,"hey this is Jane" or whoever you are. That way I won't have to wonder who is telling me what.

American Idol--did you watch it? some people are just plain freaky and too funny! but I do love when someone gets on there that truly does have talent--some have such powerful voices. My boys think that I should try out. So cute, their naiveness (not a word, I know). For they don't have a clue that their mama couldn't hold a candle in Hollywood. So nice to know that they think so though.

Well, that's about all for now. Sorry I don't have anything deeper to say. It's just that my toes and fingers are so damn cold that I can't think anymore. Gotta love this old house!

Monday, January 29, 2007

(no title needed)

Well, I kept putting off posting something new because I wanted to post pics and stories from Christmas but never made the time to do so. So let's just say that we had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year so far. Now I can release that guilt and move on . . . . (I'm being facitious here, y'all!)

We have been busy here in the Abadie house. Jimmy is on the road mostly -- 11 hours today -- delivering hay to those horse lovers over in E La--gotta love those people who pay more attention to their horses than I do to my kids--they help put food on our table!

Noah has played 5 basketball games in the last two weeks. It is so interesting to watch him play. This is his 4th year and he has come along way--it is definitely not natural to him, however he gives it his all and is really learning a lot. He even made a few fouls last week--we always get excited when he makes a foul b/c that means he is playing hard!

We don't hear much from Andrew these days b/c he always has his head stuck in a book. He is required to have about 50 AR points for the entire year and he has like 150 so far. He reads 3 or Louis L'Amour books a week!!!!!!!!!! Never thought I would punish a child from reading but he wants to read in the tub, at the dinner table, in the car, etc. Gotta love his passion for it though.

Poor Asa, he has more homework than any of my boys have ever had. He comes home every night with a full page of typed instructions from his teacher. And everything has to be signed off by me. When did homework become the parent's responsibility? I don't ever remember my mom helping me nor signing off on anything. Even in the first grade. Don't get me started here for I would still by typing when the sun comes up tomorrow.

Luke got two new rabbits last week--Libby and Loppy! aren't those cute names? We don't have room for them with the other rabbits so they are in a pen sitting on top of the wheelbarrow. One day last week I was helping him feed and water them when all of a sudden my foot was wet. The darn rabbit had scooted his butt all the way in the corner where the cage was not over the wheelbarrow and well, you get the rest of the story. . . . ugh!!!!!!!!!!

I am enjoying my new business and the benefits it offers. Working only two or three days a week and getting a bit of a paycheck sure is wonderful. I sometimes can't believe that I like it--never thought I would do this sort of work. I am truly blessed.

You know I was watching Oprah last week--the day she had the special on about women in their 30's. I fit in that category so I watched it. There was an American black woman on there who is Muslim. I don't know much about that religion except that they do believe in the same God and they belive in Jesus but not as the son of God or Messiah but as a prophet--ok big difference! Anyway what struck me about her was her dedication to pray to God so many times a day at the exact time each day no matter what. If she is working, she stops and puts her mat down and kneels down and prays for a certain length of time; if she is on a plane, she does the same. If she is in a meeting, the same; doctor's office, the same. And it made me think of how little time I/we give to God. Think about it. I am not saying that I think we should have specific times everyday to do so but I know that I don't give God even 1/100 of my time. Maybe if I would start doing so and being still enough to listen, he might just have something to tell me.

Just my thoughts for tonight.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm back

Well, the holidays are over and I have so much to share but just sooooo busy . . . . I hope to post some of our Christmas pics and share some of our memories with you in the next day or so. I have been working to catch up since I took two weeks off, supper club is at my house tonight so I have a ton of cleaning and preparing to do, Noah plays two basketball games this Saturday, dinner at church on Sunday . . . etc, etc. etc. Be back on here later to tell you more . . .