Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Team Roping at our house

 My cowboy just sitting and waiting. Probably talking as he LOVES to do. Or waiting on someone else to bring up the calves. He's good at giving orders!

 It's hard to get a good action shot when the horse shoots out of the chute and you are in his way, trying to get a great pic of your son doing what he loves.

 After this pic, I jumped out of the way REALLY quickly. It was close!


 This is the crowd that gathers two or three nights a week at our house. It's nothing for me to look up and see my front yard has 5-10 trucks and trailers in it. GREAT group of kids just looking to have a good time. Oh and something to eat!
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Happy Birthday Mama!


We celebrated Mama's birthday at Missy's house on Monday. Everyone was there at some point or another. It's hard to get everything in one place at the same time. Everyone is growing up and has other responsibilities.

I think Mama enjoyed the visit and attention, of course.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Asa FINALLY gets a kayak

Using his birthday money, Asa got a kayak today. He is in the pond right now as I type this.

The site of all the boys, including cousins Michael and Garrett, carrying it down the escalator at Dick's--hilarious!

Notice Asa at the end, holding the paddle. That sucker was almost as much as the kayak.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am not exactly sure which department I need to contact however I HATE exercise once again!!! Yep, I do. How is it just a few months ago that I enjoyed it? Where did THAT Amy go? I don't know but she needs to come back before her ass gets any bigger.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Puppy love

Asa got a new puppy about a week ago. A catahoula that is a great great great great grandchild of a dog my daddy had. He was well known for the ability of his work dogs. So that's kind of cool to now have a dog of the same bloodlines. Anyway, "Little Joe" is just previous. Since he's so small, I've allowed him inside for now. Asa is having a ball with his new little friend.

Isn't that the sweetest face ever?

Joe asleep on Asa's head.

Joe asleep on my fav blanket (insert frown)....which is on my fav, relatively new chair that is "peeling" (insert larger frown).

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love rocks

I have acquired quite a collection of heart-shaped rocks given to me by my boys. Mostly from Luke but a few from the others. I've kept them in a jar but now I want to display them. Looking at the rocks and thinking that they were thinking of me when they saw it. Luke found most of his on the playground at school and would stick it in his pocket to bring his treasure home to me. Oh my the sweetness!!!!

Not sure where I'm gonna hang it but I love it. I've left plenty of room to add more.

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Room divider

I've been collecting shutters/louvered doors for quite awhile. I bought some off craigslist. My mom gave me a few. Bought a pair from a flea market. Anyway. Finally painted them and hinged them together to make a room divider in my entry.

I hung family pics on them. I have a few more to hang.

But I am liking the way it looks.


Pardon the bucket in the pic. Those are Andrew's baseballs.

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Flea market heaven

Yesterday, I hit the motherload while out "junkin" as I like to call it. There's just something about perusing through old stuff that I LOVE. If you have an old house to clean out, I'm the girl to call!!!! Finding something with a history gives it so much character. And repurposing it--AAAAH! It makes me happy!

So here is what I found! And yes, dear husband, it all has a purpose!

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Large baskets are sooo hard to find. Love the two I got for magazine and blanket storage in my living room. Round end table. I LOVE round. Just needs some spray paint. Patriotic pillow. Perfect for my hammock. Wooden and wire crate thingee. Looks like someone made it. Very cool and $1. Looks great with a fern in it on my porch. Luke picked up the horse clock and gumball machine. LIttle did we know the clock "neighs" on the hour. That's gonna be annoying in the middle of the night! lol! Old metal cheese grater, now painted silver and holding earrings on my vanity. Basket utensil holder--perfect for our BBQ tomorrow. Huge round sorta flat basket. Already hanging on wall about doorway to hall. Campbell's Soup can--already holding plant on my table. LOVE it! Old tape dispenser. Needs a good cleaning. Picture frames--already painted and hanging on divider in entry. Tins and wooden candlesticks. For a later project. Stay tuned for that one.