Thursday, January 03, 2013

POD #2

Sooo it seems that using Blogger app on my phone is not working. I DID try to post this yesterday as I PROMISED however it never would upload. So today is Jan 3 and I am posting my POD (pic of the day) for Jan 2. Here it is followed by yesterday's journaling:
Yes, I took my tree down today. Pretty boring news I suppose, however I ALWAYS take it down asap as we return from my inlaws after Christmas, however J loves to leave it up longer and I never have. After a very heated and unncessary argument (lol), I left it up til AFTER New Year's Day. That's a record for me. And I will admit, I kinda liked it. This tree was still beautiful and ALIVE!!!! So will I do it again, next year . . . not sure . . . depends on how loud he asks! And I'm sure right now you are probably hoping this gets a lot more interesting. . . yeah me too!

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