Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ok, I've realized two things . . . 1)I suck at blogging 2)I suck at POD (picture of the day) I could not handle the pressure of taking a picture everyday. It would be 10 pm and I would think "omg! I didn't take a pic today and I won't have any POD for my blog" and then I would curl into a fetal position and my family would not eat because I would not be able to pull myself together. Sooooo I feel it is in the best interest of my family for me to just give it up now. Today. The 13th day of the year. Can you say epic failure? I digresss.

Thursday, January 03, 2013


Today is Jan 3, 2013 and here is my POD. There is talk around the internet of picking a "word of the year." And while I have read about it in years past, I have never really done it with much thought. But this year, I have a word that keeps coming back to me, that sums up all of my resolutions into one word, something that I want to be . . . that word is "better." B-E-T-T-E-R
Better eating, Better care of my body (exercise), Better living, better speaking (less cursing), Better organizing (keeping up with laundry and dishes), Better mothering, Better, Better, Better, just Better!

POD #2

Sooo it seems that using Blogger app on my phone is not working. I DID try to post this yesterday as I PROMISED however it never would upload. So today is Jan 3 and I am posting my POD (pic of the day) for Jan 2. Here it is followed by yesterday's journaling:
Yes, I took my tree down today. Pretty boring news I suppose, however I ALWAYS take it down asap as we return from my inlaws after Christmas, however J loves to leave it up longer and I never have. After a very heated and unncessary argument (lol), I left it up til AFTER New Year's Day. That's a record for me. And I will admit, I kinda liked it. This tree was still beautiful and ALIVE!!!! So will I do it again, next year . . . not sure . . . depends on how loud he asks! And I'm sure right now you are probably hoping this gets a lot more interesting. . . yeah me too!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Well.....once again I am apologizing for neglecting my blog. I'd say a few years is inexcusable!!!!! Oops! Life kinda got busy. Anyway, I have committed to Project Life which is a form of scrapbooking the documents daily life by taking one pic a day and I've decided to use it to revived blog. Do here goes......

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2013 is going to be a FABULOUS year!!! I have many "resolutions.". All of them are in the same category of "better." Better health, better living, better words, better eating, better everything! Sooo I've spent today relaxing and resting... In my fav chair, under my cozy blanket, on my laptop....reading and perusing the Internet.

I say "Bring on 2013! " I am ready!!!!

-Posted from Amy