Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lukeeeee the Graduate



Here he is, the preschool graduate! Doesn't he look so cute? Sharon, his godmother said he looked like a little GQ! Not only handsome, he is smart too. He was a bit nervous but didn't crack under the pressure. And he sang his little heart out and said his poems and bible verses. My heart is so full of joy just watching him being so proud of his accomplishments. This is only the beginning.


Here is his class, only 7 of them, at their end of the year party. We went to the creek and they had a blast!
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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Update on Andrew's baseball team and nice people

Andrew's team played Thursday night and WON again! and I didn't hear too much negativity coming from the coaches. It was a good game. Andrew threw a player out at second and also threw a player out at home--really hard to learn to do when you are playing catcher! so proud of him. remember he didn't want to play catcher but now loves it and he is good at it! After the game, the coach had his team talk way out in the outfield--where no parents could get to nor hear what he was saying--smart guy!!!!! But Andrew said he didn't say anything negative. Maybe he really did hear what Jimmy and I were saying.

On to nice people . . . I received an email yesterday from a woman named Melinda who had bought a scrapbook related item from me via ebay last June. She contacted me to say that there was a birth announcement, picture and various other momentos in the back of it that she had just found that must be mine and she wanted to return them to me. It is things from Asa's birth. I am thrilled to get these things back. Of course, I never knew they were missing but eventually I would have, right? Anyway, BIG thanks to Melinda!!!!!!!!!! There are still nice people out there and I have just "met" one of them.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Andrew's ball game . . . .

Monday night was good! They won so we were proud. However it wasn't the greatest game; but they are not major league players so no big deal, right? well, afterwards the coaches were chewing on them negatively, telling them everyting they had done wrong and I just couldn't take it anymore--like a volcano erupting from two seasons of negativty and I burst out, "Do y'all ever say anything positive?" at this point, Jimmy joined me and we had about a two minute conversation with the coaches, where of course, they thought we were crazy. What do they not get about it? You build a child's confidence, make them think they CAN do it and they WILL! not tear them down. So upset for my child to be subjected to this game afer game. However, Jimmy and I both admit that we should not have made a scene in front of the team. We did not pick the right time to bring this up. And we feel bad about that. But one mom called me the next morning to say that her son said he was glad we did what we did, he felt like we took up for the team. We apologized to Andrew and I asked him if we embarassed him and he said "no" and that he always comes away from the "team talk" feeling bad. This is little league baseball. It is supposed to be a positive learning experience. Makes me so sad! When we got in the car, Noah said, "Mama, that is why I quit." Man, that hurt! He quit baseball two years ago but would never say why. Now our suspcisions have been confirmed. Why is it when you stand up for what is right, you feel so bad inside? Like we were wrong. Well, we know that we weren't wrong in what we were saying. We just hope that the coaches will atleast think about what we said and maybe make atleast a little change. I observed a little bit of Andrew's practice yesterday and the head coach did seem a little bit more encouraging. If this continues, then making a public spectacle of ourselves was worth it--for our children's sake.

Noah does it again. . .

Yesterday Noah hands me the JV basketball summer practice schedule? WHAT!!!! Our summers are NOT for this!! Looks like I am in for a rude awakening! Then today, he told me that he was elected to class Treasurer for next year.

6th grade graduation, class officer, JV basketball--my heart can't take it -- can I freeze him?

Luke's First TBall game


Last Saturday was the day Luke has been waiting for for a long time. His first Tball game. I did not let him play last year to make life a bit simpler and knowing that he would have two more years he could play. Anyway, he woke up Saturday morning singing, "Today is my tball game; we're gonna win first place." and so on. So Cute! He hit the ball both times up to bat and got his hand on the ball a few times playing in the field. He was promised a snowball after the game however the snowball stand was closed so he got it Monday night during Andrew's game. Tball, here we come for the next five Saturdays!
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Asa's First Communion


Sunday was a BIG day for Asa! He made his First Communion at church, something he has been working on and preparing for for a year now. It was such a special service with the five children participating in the readings--Asa even collected the offering. He looked so handsome in his shirt and tie. Growing up too fast. I am amazed at how at such a young age, he truly "gets it." The whole salvation issue. Even though he is being brought up in a different denomination, it all reverts back to the same. Jesus, the Son of God, died on a cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life with him. And the bread and wine are there to fulfill us with the Holy Spirit. Speaking of which, he didn't like the wine and is glad to hear that he doesn't have to drink it every time. It is optional in the Catholic church--not sure why--for me it would be because they drink out of one cup--yuck! I can't get past that. Anyway, so proud of our little man.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sad and Scared

I was in McComb on Monday, picking up baseball uniforms when I heard on TV about the shootings at Va Tech. After the shock wore off, now I am just sad AND scared. Sad for the lives lost, mostly young men and women whose lives were just beginning and sad for their families. Can you imagine sending your beloved child off to college and having this happend? Oh my, what despair! AND scared because THIS is the world we live in today--the world that my children are living in. Scared for them to grow up, never want to let them go, never let them out of my sight. Scared because there are just some things that are out of our control and we never know when it might be "my" child. I am just overwhelmed with emotions as I think about this tragedy and all of the others that are happening on a daily basis in THIS world. So I suppose that the lesson here might be to NOT be 'in' this world because we are promised a better place someday . . . . . .

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gotta brag on NOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was nominated by his teacher to be a part of the Quiz Bowl team for next year -- 7-12th graders! Yeah Noah!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekend highlights

Asa and Luke -- ball practice
Andrew -- game (see previous post)

hard to get up!!!! b/c of late night at the ball park
I worked at school all day preparing for Field Day
Asa game--awesome game, lost by one point but our boys played so well! proud!

Field Day at CA, weather was predicted to be severe but it held off and turned out to be a beautiful day and we had a great time. Asa won three second place ribbons, Andrew won a first place and a second. Noah just had fun! played carnival games and ate lots of carnival food. Luke and Noah and I won a drawing.

Asa sick with fever and sore throat! I think we have all hit a brick wall and just need a day for rest so that is what we are doing today!

Andrew's first game of the season

and his first minor league game . . . Andrew moved up this year to minor league--big step! hitting of a pitcher, not the machine. He did so well. played catcher which is the hardest position on the team in my opinion. When the coach put him there on the first day of practice, he was not happy, wanted me to tell the coach that he didn't want to play there. But I told him to do his best and that the team "needed" him there because he was the only one who could throw from home to second (which is a must because they steal in this league and you have to be able to get them out at second). He still was not happy about it but after a few practices he realized that he could do it and now he likes it. In fact in the last inning of the game, he was moved to second and I later asked him if he was more comfortable there and he said no that he liked playing catcher better. Boy did that make me proud. He is really maturing and becoming a young man. Anyway, he played catcher and got one out at home and two at second. Still mistakes made and lots to learn but I am so proud of my little catcher. His next game is this Thursday. So fun to be at the ball park watching my boys play ball!

ps no pics b/c Ms. Treva was there taking pics with her good camera so I will get some of those from her.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Play Ball!!!!!

Tonight was Asa's first coach pitch game of the season, this being his second season to play in this league. He is playing in the pitcher position. He had a GREAT game! Hit every time up to bat, scoring atleast one run, getting out at third once. He made many outs, stopping the ball that was hit to him and throwing to first. His team won 20-0! He is so proud of himself-- Love that big grin he is wearing right now!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Look at him goooooooooooooooo!

What a milestone . . . Luke learned to ride his bike today without training wheels. One wheel came off last week so he has been riding with one training wheel, then today he took the other one off and away he went. Really! just that simple, he was riding by himself. No push from me or anything. We took his bike to Asa's practice so he could ride on the pavement and he rode with no fear! with the biggest smile on his face! My heart is so full of joy just knowing how happy he is!