Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back door now covered

Since Jimmy HATES naked windows, I finally made a covering for the door. I wish I would have had more of the floral fabric to make a wider strip at the top but I did not. The fringe came from a thrift store. I have YARDS of it.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An afternoon adventure

With son #1, the cowboy. He asks me to "stand in the gate and not let the calf through." ok, I understood that to mean ONE calf, about 100 pounds. NOT 20 or 30 400 pound beasts!

So there I stood, staring down the ones I was NOT supposed to let through the gate. Little did he know, if it came down to it, and the calf challenged me, I was going to graciously step aside!!!!!

Soooo as I was doing my "job", the cowboy was shouting orders to me to move here, move there, not there, over there......thus throwing me back to being an 8 year old helping my daddy pen cows and never doing anything right. (love ya daddy! Lol)

However, even though there was absolutely no rhyme or reason to noah's sorting of the calves, I played right along and did my best (he even said I was a great help!).

He only complained once...about me taking pics.

And I only complained once ...about my now dirty toes and poop on my flip flops. These toes are too pretty to be working on the farm The cowboy owes me a pedicure!!!!

Side note: if you think having your child rub his snotty nose on you, just imagine being this poor steer and having your bovine friend crap all over you! I'll take the snotty nosed kid of them grew up to be my fav cowboy!!!

Um hello, I'm trying to go home....moooooove. Please!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another awe-inspiring story

I am constantly amazed at the sickness in this world. I came across this woman's story. A young mother who lost a baby at birth which triggered tests that showed stage four colon cancer. One would question the death of a child but yet thankful it led to the discovery of her cancer. How would I wrestle with that one ? OMG!! I am so thankful daily for my health and my childrens' health, etc. I just can't fathom the fear. However, the faith that this woman has is truly remarkable. Again, would I be able to have that same faith? I sure hope so.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happenings here

Asa and I dipped pretzels

Then he discovered the candy sprinkles fell into the shape of a heart

Luke has been sick and the dogs are keeping him company

And lastly and thankfully, we are finished with the science fair for this year.

Noah took his project down and threw his board away before I could take a pic.

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pray for Kate

I have followed this little girl's fight with cancer for the last year or so. Such a beautiful little girl! So young and innocent to being going through something so terrible. She has endured surgeries and treatments downright tortuous!!!! And for awhile, she was cancer free and it appeared that the treatments had worked. However, now more tumors have appeared and the family is distraught. The words the little girl herself have spoken will break even the coldest of hearts. "Mommy, I don't want to die . . . I would miss you too much!" and "Daddy, why hasn't God healed me yet?" I cannot even begin to fathom the heartbreak of this mom and dad. No one, especially a child should never have through such sickness and fear.

Huggin' my babies today!!!!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Fabulous find

I'm not sure what excites me more.....the "find" or the fact the J went "junking" went with me. Made me one happy girl! Anyway, I found this beautiful blue and green glass for $2!!!! I love how the green fades into blue then into green again.
Its about 8 inches tall, 5 inches in diameter. Love it!

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

No More Crunches? Abs-olutely! | ThePostGame

No More Crunches? Abs-olutely! | ThePostGame

"Your abdominal muscles are unlike your biceps and triceps in both structure and function. Their main job is to protect your spine by helping the other core muscles –- those in your back and hips –- keep your lower back and pelvis in a safe, neutral position."

I've known this but yet never KNOWN this. The above statement for that website just really hit me like a brick just now. Normal crunches HURT my back which totally defeats the purpose of strengthening my abs for a healthier back. No wonder I wake up walking crooked like my hips are out of line; no wonder I can't get up out of a sitting position without pushing off with my arms; no wonder I can't get up off the floor without rolling over on all fours; no wonder . . . .

Off I go to try out "the plank."