Tuesday, October 30, 2007


making up for lost time

Q is really gonna be hard or unmeaningful for sure.

1)quiet--not a good word to describe me although I enjoy a quiet house!

2)quick--another word to NOT describe me, as in "she ran quickly" because when it comes to anything that involves running, I don't do it quickly.

3)queasy--can't stand the feeling just before you throw up! would rather have my little toe removed.

4)quit--don't like a quitter. trying to teach the boys the value of finishing what you start, like I am doing in my marriage. I started it, now I have to finish it--haha!

5)queen--I am the queen of my household. Whether they know it or not, I tell them often. Want my boys to learn to treat their significant other as a queen. They can practice on me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

N, O, and P


1)Noah--my firstborn. Nothing compares to that first pregnancy, birth, time alone with just one child. Not showing favortism, just the way it is. He is growing into a fine young man (for the most part--haha!)

2)Never--such a strong word that should NEVER be said. I remember one day talking with Daddy referring to Missy having two boys and he asked me what I would do if I had another boy (I only had Noah at the time) and I said something about NEVER having more than two boys. Like I said, it's a word that should NEVER be used b/c NEVER is a very long time!

3)Neat--the way I like things. Most of the time my house is NEAT but maybe not clean and I'm ok with that.

4)Need--such a strong word. there are not many things that we truly NEED. maybe food, water, shelter, love and the rest is just lagniappe . . . except for maybe a really good pedicure every once in a while.

5)Naked--or as we say "Nekid." the way my boys like to be most of the time. even the big boy.

One more . . . .

6)Nimcumpoop--use that word for when the boys do something really goofy. is it a real word?


1)Organized--goes back to the neat thing.

2)Ocean--Love the sound of it. one of my fav places to be.

3)Obnoxious--don't like it when people act obnoxious. Pre-teen boys are really good at this.

4)Obey--cannnot believe that this word used to be in marriage vows!!!!!!!! Jimmy likes to think that I said it in my vows however I have the video to prove that I did not.

5)Obese--by the "skinny people doctors who propose these guidelines", I am considered obese. Not good.


1)Pain--don't like it, however sometimes it is a good thing like the pain of childbirth. Don't like to see my children in pain, physical or emotional.

2)Patience--something I don't have enough of.

3)Pretty--Don't we all want to feel pretty? Overheard Luke telling Jimmy one night that his "girlfriend" is the prettiest "except for Mama." Aaaaawwww!

4)Puke--can't stand to do it or clean it up.

5)Pissed--not a nice sounding word but I use it a lot, "pissed off" that is. need to stop. setting a bad example. won't let my kids say it.

so what did you do this weekend?

i pulled up flooring in our living room and kitchen. it was a HUGH job and I am very tired and sore. Asa and Luke were really BIG helpers, especially Asa. Heh worked right along side of me all day both days, despite having fifth's disease which hasn't slowed him down one bit. scraping 60 year old glue with a one inch razor blade is pretty time consuming--did i mention that it smells awful? painting the concrete for now. not a long term solution but it will be ok for a while. searching for a rug for the living room. better get back to scraping.

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Meet Buck -- Andrew's new horse

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living room painted

was supposed to be more of a cream however it is more of a white. atleast it is fresh and clean and new.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


1)Mama--love that word. love being one. love my Mama. sounds so much more endearing than "mother."

2)Missy--my sister. she is a great friend to me. can't imagine life without her. she was like my second "Mama" when I was growing up. Played with me, took me places, gave me money when Mama wouldn't. She is also a GREAT "mama" to two great boys. Love ya!

3)Memories--got some really good ones. thankfully, not too many bad ones. Hoping to create awesome memories for my boys.

4)Mexico--went there on my honeymoon. we were very naive and didn't know the ropes. wish we could go back now that we are older.

5)May--going to Disneyworld!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Meet Ann & Blaze

This is Ann!

This is Blaze!

The two sisters together!

Saturday we went to 4-H day at the MS State Fair in Jackson then traveled to Bellfontaine to pick up two puppies that Noah bought. Little did I know just how far Bellfontaine was! OMG! it was a 5 hour drive home! but the puppies are so cute and worth it, I guess. We spent more in gas than the puppes cost together! Oh, the love of a boy and a dog. After watching "Where the Red Fern Grows" over and over again this summer, he decided he wanted two hunting dogs and thus the search was on. He found these for sale in the MS Market Bulletin. He reserved them even before they were conceived and has seen them weekly via email pics. They are Feist and supposedly good hunting dogs. Noah is happy; his brothers are enjoying them too; and Josie is jealous!
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1)Live, Laugh, Love -- one of my favorite quotes.

2)Life--is truly what you make of it. I think we have a choice each day to have a good one or a bad one.

3)Loud--a good word to describe our house.

4)Less--is more. took me til in the last few years to understand this one.

5)lottery--wish I could win it!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


1)Kitchen--the heart of our home. where everyone gathers.

2)Kitten--love a cute, cuddly one but HATE cats--don't tell Pepper who has been a member of our family for about 6 years.

3)Knowledge--something you can never have enough of.

4)Kiss--love these from my hubby and especially my boys. love a kiss on the cheek from a dear friend, family--not a mouth kisser to any of the latter. always turn my cheek. sorry!

5)Kooky--a little crazy, a little off--maybe that's a good one to describe me. you decide.

my Tuesday

jimmy took boys to school . . . this always starts my day off good!

electrician came WHILE I WAS IN THE SHOWER to work on something so I could not dry my hair before leaving home . . . that always starts my day off wrong!

ran errands; got call from school saying Luke has Fifth's Disease. GREAT!

pick Luke up.

take Josie to vet.

ate at Sonic. they were out of fries and chicken--what's up with that? that's like a gas station being out of gas . . . which btw, happens quite often in our sleepy little town. no joke!

then my day got a little bit back to normal . . .

picked up boys.

carved a pumpkin.

painted floor of porch.

pics of jack-o-lantern and porch to come later.

soooooooo . . . how was your day?

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Friday night, I went with my sister, Missy to Baton Rouge to see the off-Broadway play, "Evita." It was wonderful. Although she and I both were totally lost during the first half b/c we were not familiar with who Eva Peron was. We should have done some research first. I have since read about her and now the whole production makes sense. Very good show. That might be the closest I ever get to seeing a Broadway show in New York. Thanks Missy. It was great! (I won't mention our encounter with the police!)

Slept in yesterday. Boys worked with Jimmy. Made Gumbo and watched the LSU game. Not the greatest playing but they pulled it off. Geaux Tigers!

Having leftover gumbo for lunch and tackling the boys' room after that. You know, I have just about decided that if they want to live like pigs, they can b/c I am not going to clean up their room everyday. When I straighten it, they destroy it in about 2 days. and they don't care. I guess that's just boys. But today is the day to straighten it once again.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend!


1)Joy--pure bliss that is not based on material things or your life situation.

2)Jammies--love to be in my pj's. especially on a rainy day, under a blanket, watching a good movie.

3)Jambalya--yummy, especially when cooked by my dear hubby, which brings me to my next word . . .

4)Jimmy--where would I be without him? He's a great husband and father.

5)Jail--someplace I've never been and never want to go!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


1)Ice-Cream -- mostly any kind however Baskin-Robbins is my fav! Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Doug, Buttered Pecan!

2)Ignorant -- if you live where I live, you won't need an explanation on that one.

3)Ignore -- something I have become pretty good at. :-) hate when my kids do it to me though. guess they learned from the best!

4)Invincible -- the synonym listed in the thesaurus is impregnable, so that is definitely not me. so this one doesn't count.

4)Instantly -- the time frame in which I want most thing. I find that I don't have the patience that I would wish for myself. The need for instant gratification is becoming an epidemic in our nation. Trying to teach my boys that "the best things come to those who wait."

5)Informal -- the way I like these. My house is very informal and I like it that way. No need to be all fru-fru here!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

one more

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more layouts from the weekend

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My boys

Noah and Two-Eyed.

Luke on Two-Eyed.
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It's October . . .

This witch is hanging on my door and says, "Beware, the witch is in." No Comments, please.

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oh, and I scrapped this weekend!




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Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday tidbits

still working on the "I" words

had a good weekend, just hung out at home--aaaahhhh! it felt good.

jimmy working a lot -- we miss him!

Asa had a friend over Saturday night; Luke had a friend over Sunday afternoon. Good innocent fun.

today . . . did lots of phone calls, business stuff, etc.

watched Noah work with/ride his horse. so proud of him. so cool to watch all he has done with her in such a short time.

enjoyed watching LUke on his stuffed horse outside the round pen where Noah was working his "real" horse. Luke did everything to "Spot" that Noah was doing to "Two-Eyed."

Pushed Luke on the swing. such nice weather today.

Please pray for Jimmy's daddy who will be having surgery on Thursday.

That's my catch up for now.