Tuesday, October 31, 2006

These make me REEEEALLY happy!!


I just LOOOOVE when a new scrapbook magazine comes out. You may not understand it but I know the exact day that each one hits the newstands and I usually go and get it. It is my fix. Now if only it were storming outside, there was a fire in the fireplace, a candle lit and NO ONE home, then it would be PERFECT but since none of that is happening I guess I'll just get in bed and read anyway. Night! Posted by Picasa

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!


We are home from trick-or-treating and all of my little goblins are sleeping. I picked the boys up from school plus two extras and off we went to Chili's in Zachary for an early dinner. If you have never dined with six boys all under the age of 12, you must do so sometime. If only to appreciate dining alone!!!!!!!!! Really, they were well-behaved and we left the restaurant in one piece. Off to WalMart we went to get Andrew some camo pants to complete his hunter "costume." Asa wanted to get a shopping cart but I said, "I've got six of them right here." and we proceeded to get lunch stuff for the rest of the week with each of them holding a few things in their arms. Ok, I am sure at this point the two friends were thinking that I was nuts! We went to Missy's to change and then on to trick-or-treating. Luke was tired after about 30 minutes and he "suffered" for another 30 minutes. So one hour of t-o-t-ing and we have the bowl of candy you see here. Enough to rot an elephant's entire mouth of teeth! Noah was Clinton Anderson--THE horse trainer from Down Under--if you watch RFDTV then you know who I am talking about however I am sure that none of you do. He is Noah's idol right now. Andrew was a hunter, Asa was a red power ranger and LUke was Buzz Lightyear. Our two friends went as Walker Texas Ranger and a football player. I can't believe that I didn't get any individual pics but nevertheless here are the pics from tonight. I think Luke is hiding in the group pic and if you look closely you can see my sister, Missy peering through the glass from the inside. Good Times! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pecans For Sale


After 10 years, our tree has finally produced again. Don't know why but it did. So we have picked about 50 pounds of pecans and the boys are selling them. So if you want some, let me know. Sorry, local pick-up only. Now that narrows the field doesn't it? Posted by Picasa

Reconnecting with an old friend. . . .


After way too long, we visited Saturday with Robyn and her children who have just returned to Louisiana after about 10 years living elsewhere. They are now in Mandeville which is only about 1 hour and 45 minutes away. Robyn and I met in my second year of college, we were in each others' weddings, and we are each godmothers to one of each of our children. She to Andrew and I to Mattie. Love that! I am so blessed to have such great friends and Robyn is one of those. It was so great to visit with her in her own home. In the last ten years, we have met at restaurants, she has come to my home in route to some other destination, etc but I have not been to her home since they lived in medical student housing/apartment in Jackson, MS about 10 years ago. They have lived in Georgia, Maryland, and most recently El Paso but are now home in Louisiana. Robyn, you look GREAT, your home is beautiful, and your children are precious. You have so much to be proud of. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. and to my sweet Mattie, I LOVE YOU! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My new do


Let me warn you to stop reading this now if you are currently, have been in the past or are thinking of becoming a hair stylist . . . if you choose to continue to read, then you do so on your own terms. I cannot be held responsible for what I am about to say . . . ok so after ONLY three weeks of waiting I finally got an appointment to have my hair cut and colored. Never mind the 45 minute drive there . . . . so I go this morning and tell her that I want to go brown, not back to my natural shit brown but more Hershey Chocolate brown. Ok, she got that right. Then I showed her a picture of something similar to what I want. You know my hair had gotten too long all over and was pretty flat so I wanted a bit of umph! Ok, why the hell can't hairdressers just cut like the picture. or tell me that my hair won't do that!!!! and in what part of the conversation of the picture does the word "bangs" come to mind. OMG she gave me bangs!!! I haven't had bangs in years!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to cry--not because of my hair but out of frustration. I really like this girl and this salon but this is the second time she has done this. Just totally not done what I have asked her or showed her. If nothing else, just say, "girl, there is no way in hell that I can do that to your hair." or whatever! anyway, I came home and washed it and started over and I must say that I like it. It is definitely more chic than the "grandma-mushroom do" that I walked out of there with. And $100 poorer too! Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now and move on to better things, like . . .

My house is so warm and cozy. Luke and I are enjoying the nasty weather outside . . .because we are inside! We've got Mr. Jack-O-Lantern lit on the table and a Yankee Hazlenut/Coffee candle burning with the lights off and the lamps on. LOVE this time of year (as long as I am inside--lucky me today). Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

He did it!!!!!!!!!!


I am sooooooo proud of Noah for sticking with it. He has been trying to get Sassy to come to him, etc. and today he worked, ever so patiently, trying to get her used to the idea of a halter. He rubbed it on her neck and then let her feel it with her nose. I was soooooo impressed with my little man. He really is taking this seriously. Some of you may remember that this time last year, we were knee deep in chickens. He was fantatical about them. Well, he has moved on--I think he got burned out with his chickens--and I kind of miss the crowing but love that he is really wanting to learn as much as he can about whatever he is into at the time. As far as chickens vs. horses . . . well, chickens are definitely cheaper!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

my latest layout . . . "Freaky Lukey" . . playing with patterned paper challenge . . .


Well here is the pic as I scrapped it. I am forcing myself to use all of my fantastic patterned paper. and it is a challenge to say the least. Ali Edwards (AE) says that you should not use the papers and embellishments that come together . . . if you are not a scrapper than you should probably skip this post as I ramble on . . . so then why the hell do they sell it all together so nicely packaged? know what I mean? anyway I am REALLY trying to learn this process because I want to. Not because I want my pages to be magazine worthy, but just because it is a challenge for me. As far as the layout is concerned, the top corner says "be U" and the bottom journaling is done on a Heidi Swapp journaling spot. Love these--kind of like little post-it notes. Posted by Picasa

One sick "puppy"


Sweet Lukee is home sick today. We were up at 4:30 am with a stomach virus of sorts--yuck! I found him in the chair with his pals asleep on him. Isn't that cute? Posted by Picasa

Freaky Lukeey!


We spent this past Saturday at church. It was the Octoberfest in Gloster--what a joke--and our church had a Fall Bazaar. I did the garage sale, and there was a silent auction, bake sale, jambalaya bowls, country store, a 50/50 raffle where the lucky winner won $175, games for the kids, etc. It was a GREAT success! I priced everything 25 Cents except for the big stuff and we made $550 in the garage sale alone. Now that's a lot of quarters. It was a success. You wouldn't believe the junk that people will buy. But glad they did. There is still a lot left but nothing worth having. The entire event raised $2500 for the church. Woohoo! The church is going to use the money to get new lights in the church. The lights on the altar are casket lights from when the church was a funeral home--CREEPY!!!!! Being in the basement alone last week getting ready for the sale was CREEPY!!! yuck!

Anyway, this pic of LUke is with one of his favorite treasures from the game booths. Remember these fang teeth from when we were kids. I know I have a big mouth but I couldn't ever get these things in my mouth. But Luke sure can and isn't he the cutest little dracula you have ever seen? (the tatoos on his cheeks were just a few of the many that he put all over his body--and was Pi--ed off when I removed them in the bathtub that night). Posted by Picasa

We have a new baby at our house and it's a GIRL!


That's right--a GIRL! (even our two new puppies are males) This little filly was born a few months ago and we just moved her to the pasture next to the house so we can watch her grow. What a beautiful sight! We call her "Sassy Frassy" because she is very spunky. Noah is really into feeding her and has even gotten to put his hands on her once or twice. He is our horse lover. Posted by Picasa



Don't you just love how his eyes smile too? He just can't help it. He is a smiler--which is why we call him "Smiley." Even when he is mad, he is smiling (sometimes). He and I took this picture when he needed a picture for school the next day -- and I just LOVE it. and I love him! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 09, 2006

puppies--see latter post for explanations

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Bathroom, puppies, table and chair . . . .

Well, here is my bathroom---isn't it awesome? If you don't think so, just go back into my archives and check out what it used to look like--ugh! don't even want to look at those pics. It is still not 100% complete--don't get me started on my carpenter's lack of communication and committment--but it is complete enough to show you.

Next, let me introduce you to Boudreaux and Bandit--our newest pets. After telling Asa that Pinkey was killed, remember this is how I smoothed it over--"oh we can get some of Mrs. Dorothy's puppies." and we got them today. I wanted to name them Boudreaux and Butt Paste but the boys wouldn't go for the latter. So here's to scooping up poop and pee again.


And then there is the table and chair that made my weekend. Silly the little things that make me smile. Anyway, I am in charge of the church garage sale--can't I just learn to say "NO?" and as I was going through all the junk I found a few treasures. This old metal chair is exactly like the one MawMaw Betz had in her kitchen for years. And it brings me back to her cooking and me eating out of her sugar bowl (she never had any sweets around so I would eat sugar by the spoonful out of the sugar bowl on her table!). I gave this old chair a yellow paint job and I just love the retro look about it. Gives my boys a place to sit -- one at a time in the kitchen (since I took out the bar stools when I chopped the bar off and made it into an island). And the table was bare but looks like someone put many hours into making it with intricate designs on the top of it. So I stained it dark and it looks like teak now. LOVE it! Burning a hazlenut candle with the fall breeze outside and I am loving it.

That's all for now. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cool Shoes


Are these not the coolest tennis shoes you have ever seen? Fits me perfectly since I am in a very brown stage. They say it's the new black, you know? I wonder if it makes you look thinner like black . . . anyway LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. They would look so cool in my new bathroom--oh yeah gotta post pics of the new br. will do so tomorrow. Posted by Picasa
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The Cuevas Family

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Landon and the Big Boys


Andrew, Asa and Luke with Landon. Noah stayed home with Daddy. Posted by Picasa