Saturday, September 29, 2007


I . . . . this is a hard one. I will think about my "I" words and get back to you.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


1)happy--I am very happy with my life. some days are not as good as others but overall I am happy. I also think this is a choice.

2)hot--I don't like to be hot unless of course, I am on the beach!

3)humble--"Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble . . when you're perfect in every way." ok, it's just a song. but really, being humble is a great attribute, but hard sometimes.

4)healthy--so thankful for my good health, Jimmy's good health, my children's, my parents', etc.

5)harmony--love the sound of three-part harmony, espcially sisters--not mine but others like . . . . umm, can't think of anyone's right now, oh, The Whites--Ricky Skagg's wife and her two sisters. love old-fashioned three-part harmony!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

one more G

6)Good-Byes--hate good-byes. a)remember telling my Daddy goodbye the morning that I left for college. I was a nervous wreck and was standing in the bathroom putting on my make-up and the time came and it was a hug and a "be careful." and it killed me. I remember balling after he left the house. b)then telling Mama goodbye when she left me at the dorm. the anticipation of the goodbye had me crying all day. c)driving to our hotel on our wedding night and remembering that I didn't tell Daddy "goodbye"--guess he wasn't around when we left and it broke my heart just thinking that I had failed to hug his neck before leaving. He proably didn't think anything about it but what if he did and was upset that his baby girl didn't care to tell him bye on that special night. funny the things you remember. d)saying goodbye to Mama and Daddy when we moved to New Iberia from next door to them when Noah was 3 months old. we were only moving 1 1/2 hours away but it was still hard. 3)telling MawMaw Betz goodbye. I wonder if she knew that my visit that day was for that purpose. It was awkward. How I wish now that I would have said the obvious: "MawMaw, they tell me your body is tired and you won't be here but a few more days and I just came one last time to say how much I love you and how much I learned from you and I am gonna miss you terribly" . . . . . but I couldn't say it. but maybe I should have instead of the small talk. Tears me up just thinking about it. The human side of me says all of this, but the spiritual side says that goodbyes are only for a little while b/c I know that we will meet in Heaven one day--such a hard thing to comprehend but that is where my faith comes in (now there's an F word that I forgot about). Goodbyes are always gonna happen. I just hope there won't be one anytime soon. Too hard!


1)Graceful--something I hope that I am but know that I fall short--literally-sometimes! Part of me wants to be a graceful, Southern Belle and the other part wants to be a foul-mouthed rebel (good thing my mama doesn't read this).

2)Godly--something I want to be more like--ok, scratch the previous "foul-mouthed rebel" part.

3)Groovy--don't you like that word. it's so cool. can be used in a positive or negative sense.

4)Grow--never fully understood this word til I became a mother and watch my children grow--way too fast! but what an amazing thing to witness. I look forward to watching them grow into kind-hearted, but strong, gentlemen.

5)Grateful--for EVERYTHING that is good in my life--my family, my husband and kids, our home, our health, friends, our freedom, food, clean water, A/C, a car to drive, a haircut that I like, Josie . . . the lists goes on. Being grateful is a wonderful feeling.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


(I haven't forgotten about this; just been busy with the book fair)

1)fake--hate fake people!

2)forever--that's a hard word to comprehend.

3)friends--I have lots of dear friends and I am so lucky!

4)food--love all food; can't you tell by my previous posts!!

5)fat--because of the previous word .. .. . hate feeling fat--you know when you sit down and feel the rolls. ugh!

gotta add one more

6)fun--life is too short not to have fun!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


1)Eat-- something I love to do.

2)Enormous--something I am going to do if I don't stop doing number 1.

3)Erase--wish I could erase few things from my past. but we aren't given that option. just grateful for God's grace.

4)Evil--there is a lot of evil in our world. something that scares me. want to shield my family from it.

5)Egg--thank God for eggs. afterall that is where we all started.

Friday, September 21, 2007


1)Damn--just the first word that come to mind right now. Having a bad day! but I am sure it will pass.

2)Different--something I want my boys to know. It's ok to be different, you don't have to fit into the mold that everyone thinks you should. Just be yourself.

3)Diamond Glaze--on of my favorite scrapbook supplies. works as an adhesive but gives a glossy shine when used on top of something.

4)Dollar--Love them. lots of them!

5)Decorate--Love to decorate and move things around and redo and repaint, etc. If I had a bigger budget, my home would be in the mags!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


1)Create--I love to create . . . anything . . mostly scrapbooking but cards, crafts, home decor, occassionally a sewing project (don't laugh!). Creating makes me feel good!

2)Cucumbers--Love them! can eat 4 or 5 at a time, just peeled with salt. Remember as a child visiting my grandparents, my PawPaw would grow them and bring them in fresh from the garden with dirt all over them and I would wash and peel them and eat and enjoy! memories. Asa had several plants this summer that kept us in GREAT supply--yummy!

3)Capris--the staple of my wardrobe. I remember when they first came out a few years back . . I thought they would be around for a season and be gone but they are still here.

4)Christmas--my absolute favorite holiday. so much to do, so much festivity, family, friends, food--December just feels good to me.

5)Chocolate--my favorite food group!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


1)Betz--my maiden name which I have such great feelings about. you know, as a woman, you get a new last name when you marry, however my maiden name is such a part of who I am. In fact, on all my legal stuff, checking accounts, etc., I use my middle name also. Considered not changing my name when I got married but didn't want all that confusion. Also, I considered naming a baby girl, Betzi, had I been given the chance. Did you get that I said that "I" considered it--said nothing of Jimmy ever agreeing to it.

2)Boys--I am surrounded by them; almost could say that I am drowning in them! four sons and a husband. all I can say is that I am the queen of our house, no competition for me. Love my boys!

3)Baseball--most of you know that I am no athelete--no need for laughs here--but I love baseball. Particularly when my boys are playing. I really get into it, hopefully not too much. Summertime at the ballpark is one of my favorite places to be.

4)Beach--Summertime at the beach would probably rank as my number one favorite place to be. AAAHHHH! the sound of the beach! it is so relaxing--if, of course you can drown out the noise of the screaming children around you. that is a good sound too.

5)Believer--in Jesus Christ! enough said.

Thanks to my sister, Missy who sent me her five "A"s. Loved reading them. Send me your five of either "A" or "B." it's fun!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Encyclopedia of Me

I saw this on another blog--I really don't come up with anything by myself, you know--so I decided to do this. I'll post a letter and 5 things everyday. Then you'll know me a little better. Feel free to start this for yourself. It's a great way for your kids to get to know you. Would make a GREAT scrapbook. Here goes.


1)Amy--my name chosen by my parents. good 70's name. don't really have an opinion on it. it's just my name. Any other name would not be right for me.

2)afraid--of many things; losing my children, my spouse, drowning, burning, losing my parents.

(okay, did I say five things--I am stumped already!)

3)achieve--there are sooo many things that I want to do; many goals that I want to reach. I am an achiever, maybe even on some level, an overachiever.

4)amazed--at sooo many things; the sun rising everyday; my children growing and blossoming into people; friends; how airplanes fly--this one has always puzzled me; how much money it takes to "live" these days.

5)anxious--I used to think this was a positive word but now it is more of a negative word to me because of the word "anxiety." I try to convince myself that I don't have much anxiety however I do. I stress & worry more than I care to admit. Worry about things I can and cannot control. I need to pray about this more because I know that God is in control of all.

So "A" is the letter. What are your 5? Email me or post a reply here.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Catch up

It's been a few days so I am playing catch up with you.

Last Friday, Jimmy and I celebrated our 16th anniversary! It's been a great ride so far. so here's to 16 more years!

The pics that I just posted are a mix of what's been going on here. Little Luke is our Picasso, drawing every chance that he gets. Noah (and Andrew) are still reading away, especially but not exclusively, in the car. Don't really know why Andrew put the bubbles on his head, but it sure made me laugh! The zebra chair . . . I got it at a second-hand store and it wa nasty, puke gold velour, but in GREAT condition. So I had it reupholstered and voila! love it! made a valance out of the zebra fabric also for the office. and the last two pics are of layouts that I did yesterday. Just having fun creating!

Happy Sunday to you!
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Monday, September 10, 2007

FYI: I found a camera battery by my printer. So now I have an extra and didn't need to make all the fuss last week.

We celebrated Jimmy's birthday on Saturday. The boys voted to take him bowling. Howie and Aly met us. Jimmy won both rounds of the adults and Luke won one round and Asa won the second. I think next time I bowl, I will use the bumpers!

Busy with week getting ready for the book fair at our school. and the normal family life stuff.

Hope you are doing well. Have a GREAT week!

Thursday, September 06, 2007



Josie, my little Josie, I got nobody, nobody but YOOOOUUUUU!

That sounds much better when Asa sings it.

Isn't she cute????????
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Family Tree plate


Made this this weekend.
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Got a Battery!!!!!!!!!!

Stop! don't go get a battery for me because I got one myself at Radio Shack. Paid $6 more than at WMart but that's what happens when you are limited to where you can shop. So all of you who have already bought a battery for me, thanks anyway! haha!

also, I have wait months, ever so patiently I might add, for the McDonald's in St. Fran to get Wi-Fi and I noticed today that they have it. So I am so excited, order my food, pull out my laptop only to discover that you have to pay for it! Oh, I was so mad! I can't believe that McD's can't pay for this! Of all the support that my family and I give to McD's, you would think that they would offer FREE internet service. Aren't they the largest fast food chain? I will never eat at McDonald's again.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's Wednesday . . .where does the time go?

Boy, is it just me . . . time just seems to go by soooo darn fast these days. Here it is Wednesday night already. Seems like just yesterday it was Saturday. Some days, like Monday, I want to fly by and others, I just want to freeze.

I have several things I want to share but my camera battery is dead and I gave my spare to my dear friend who will remain nameless (you know who you are--haha!) and I haven't remembere to get another one. So this is a first for me since going digital. No battery so I can't take pics or even review them. Ugh! So let's see who is going to feel sorry for me and mail a battery to me? I won't be going anywhere to get one anytime soon and it's not worth it to drive 40 miles just for a battery . . . or is it? Wait, I am working in E. Fel. tomorrow . . . would there be one there. . . nope, probably not . . . so I am back to relying on the mercy of my friends.

ok, as you can tell, I am rambling so I'll close.

More to post when I have some pics. hint!hint!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Sunday morning to you!

Well, here I am, skipping church, trying to have a little quiet time . . . but Luke stayed with me and he is in the background, asking a thousand questions. He is at such a wonderful stage of curosity and with such a thirst for learning. Constantly wanting me to spell for him so that he can write down words; constantly drawing or coloring or creating. Love him!

So, to catch up on the Abadies . . . where do I start? well, last week I took the boys to a 4-H meeting. For those of you who are not familiar with 4-H, it is more than showing animals. There are tons of other activities to do: sewing, baking, photography, record keeping, judging, etc. Also, I was not in 4-H but Jimmy and his sisters were, his dad was a county agent, his mom was a 4-H agent; and there were hundreds of kids in his county 4-H group. He went on a 4-H trip every summer, etc. Well, our county has 10, count them 10, kids in the 4-H program. And at the meeting I mentioned, there were 4 kids, MY four kids. Such a let down but you gotta start somewhere. Anyway, there is an exhibit day coming up on the 14 where the kids can make something and display it at the county level (which for us is in the library) and the blue ribbons will go on to the state fair in October. So my boys are going to each enter several catagories, hoping to go on to state. Their chances are more than good since it is highly possible that they will be the only ones with an exhibit at the county level. Anyway, after we returned from the meeting, Luke wanted to do a Lego structure of none other than the Mississippi State Capitol. don't ask here he got that idea, don't know. so we printed a pic off the internet and away we went to build. It was going pretty well: steps, colums, etc. then we got stuck and couldn't figure out how to build a roof, then it collapsed in the middle of it and he said, "forget it." I have to admit I was glad. Because for him to enter it, we would have to glue it together. now that sounds like a 10 day project! so he will probably draw something. Asa is taking landscape and animal pics, Andrew is entering his baseball collection and not sure about Noah yet. Rest assured he will come up with something. And one of them, not sure who, is going to make a first aid kit. Will let you know who wins a ribbon. and hoping to get the shooting sports program up and running. There is a man who lives in Wville who trained Olympic shooters who wants to help with our county's program. and of course, anything that involves a gun excites my boys.

Ok, now time to brag on my boys. There are many days that I have nothing to report with all the fighting, whining, aggravating, etc. but last Thursday Jimmy had to load 100 square bales which takes him about 1 hour by himself and it is hot and muggy and it is hard work. Well, Andrew and Noah dissapeared and guess where they were. . . . that's right, loading the 100 bales together, without being told! oh my, Jimmy and I were so proud. they did it without being told, just to help their daddy out. the next morning, JImmy and I were still bragging on them when Andrew said, "yeah, the only problem now is that he knows we can do it by ourselves!"

then yesterday we went to bay st. louis to Joelle and Scott's sweet baby boy's first birthday party. more on that later; gotta finish bragging first . . . anyway, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and as we go up to leave, Noah said, "I'll leave the tip and proceeded to pull out a $5.00 bill." boy he is really growing up! so proud again. and have I mentioned that he and Andrew both give their own money out of their own wallets in church every Sunday. Noah gave a $20 bill a few Sundays ago which was just about 10% of what he had earned that week. They really are growing into fine young men.

Back to the party: the boys and I so enjoyed seeing Joelle and Scott and Landon--what a cutie! his smile is precious! the weather did not cooperate but the boys had fun anyway sliding down the water slide. I am hoping that Landon is enjoying it today since the big kids were a bit too rough for him. Thanks Joelle for inviting us. So good to see you yesterday.

And on the way there we stopped at Robyn's and visited with her and her beautiful children. So cool that she lives so close now. I am going to visit her in about 2 2 weeks and that will make 6 times in less than a year that we have seen each other; 3 times in less than 2 months. That is amazing considering we have probably only seen each other 5 times in the last 10 years before this past year. Thankful for good friends!

Well, since I was a heathen and skipped church, I atleast better get something productive done.

P.S. I'll try to be a better blogger from now on.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

For those of you who are wondering . . . .

I am still alive. sorry I haven't posted in a while. Five people in the last day or so have commented that I have not posted in a while. That must be THE five people who actually look at my blog! haha! been really busy. life is good. will share more later. ta for now!